Memorable Quotes

“If the music thing didn’t work, I would’ve gone to Hampton College. Major in business management and minor in forensic science.”

“I never dreamed it would be like this, I was amazed! I dreamed that one day maybe I could get a song, anything on Billboard. This has been incredible.”

“I definitely keep my spending habits down. Everybody calls me cheap, but I call it smart. I don’t wanna get crazy because I know a lot of people are depending on me and you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.”

“My mom, my co-manager and myself were squished into the back of a Suburban eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on our way to the airport. There was this siren on the radio, and then the DJ said, “Next up, new music from Ashanti.” Before the beat even dropped, we were going crazy. We were screaming and clapping. There was chicken flying everywhere.”

“Breaking the Beatles record. I actually tied it, but if you count J.Lo’s record, which I wrote with her, I would have beaten them with four singles in the top 10 at once. It wasn’t counted though.”

“It’s kind of funny because sometimes people who don’t go to college turn out way more successful money-wise than those who do. I want the success and the money, but I want the smarts, too. I’m not a dummy. There are certain things that you can only get in college.”

“As an artist, I don’t look to what anyone else is doing to judge myself.”

“I went to Jive and sang a cappella. We didn’t have money for a demo. I just sang and danced and I was signed at 14.”

“I feel it’s definitely more passionate when they’re your own words, when it comes from singing about reality, your emotions, your surroundings, your environment.”

“A lot of people kind of get it confused. It’s not like I said, ‘I want to take a break for four years.’ It was kind of snatched from me. A lot of politics, a huge case against my label. It’s a learning experience, It made made me very mature, no regrets.”

“Whether it’s writing music or still singing, I definitely want to stay humble and successful, I’m honestly thankful for so many people who support me.”

“When I saw it [Herbal Essence Commercial], I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I was so excited because I’m the first African-American female to lead a national campaign for the product.”

“I demoed ‘I’m Real’ for her-I sang the background, the hooks and the lead. Then they took my lead off and changed the hook but kept my background vocals-I think she did background vocals, as well, and they basically kept mine and added hers. I wanted that record. I was like, ‘This is hot-I wanna keep this one.”

“There is a level that we didn’t even touch as far as vocal ability,” “Halfway into the album, I explained that to Irv: ‘We need some – that showcase vocals because people are going to say, ‘Can she really sing?’ But this being the first R&B – that Irv had done, he was like, ‘Yo don’t worry-you’ll have time for that. The album is a classic and we need to keep the vibe going. We are making hit records.”

“My music has a touch of reality that everyone can related to, whether they’re old or young. Black or White.”

“My sales were through the roof, I was being accepted by the world, I was traveling, doing two or three states in one day. I knew sooner or later the storm was coming, because everything was just too perfect for me.”

“My publicist called and told me there were thousands of people signing up online. She told me they were saying I didn’t deserve the Aretha Franklin Awards, that I’m wack, I can’t sing or dance. It was a horrible feeling, I was sad and hurt. I’ll be honest-at first I wanted to throw up.”

“They would throw me onstage with a DJ and be, like, ‘Go do this show.’ I gradually started learning that maybe we needed sets, maybe some dancers, schedule some time so that I can learn a routine.”

“When someone throws you overboard from the ship, either you sink or swim, I decided to swim. It’s been so long. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen. You have to go through that to grow, where you fall flat on your face or fly successfully. You need to experience both to succeed.”

“I don’t live to please anyone. I make music so others can enjoy it, but I don’t live my life for other people. I’m not following anyone’s footsteps or pattern for anything.”

“I know when something is wack, I know when I didn’t do my best, and I have to swallow that. But I also know that there are so many other things I could be doing. If I felt I couldn’t sing or dance, I honestly wouldn’t be doing this.”

“The energy on stage is wild! It is a wonderful feeling to hear people sing your records.”

“In the studio, you have to create an aura, a vibe and When it is done you are happy.”

“The people are definitely what keep me going, keep me motivated and what makes me want to just dig in and pull the best things out.”

“If you let things effect you then your going to deteriorate.”

“I’ve never heard J.Lo say anything bad about me. I don’t like to pay attention to hearsay. I’ve never downplayed J.Lo. She’s doing her thing, she’s selling records.”

“Me and Beyonce both know we don’t have any hate for each other.”

“I had nothing to do with the [50 Cent beef]. It didn’t make sense to put my name in anything.”

“I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, X or any of that. That’s not my thing”

“There was a guy named Mario Baeza, he has a label, AJM Records, which I am also signed to. He introduced me to Irv, they were good friends. So he hooked me up with Irv because Murder Inc. was a thug label, we wanted to offer some up-tempo tracks, but we clicked and then I met Ja… and then “Always On Time” came out.”

“Whatever it is I’m doing, I try my best and what more can anyone ask?”

“I have always been able to write on the spot. It is a talent that I guess comes naturally.”

“I took some English classes and knew I could write. It was fairly easy to write essays and poems.”

“The intent was not to sign with Murder Inc. the intent was to get hot music and go somewhere else.”

“I can do this or I can do this. I choose to do what works better for me.”

“That’s my Gotti-otti! Our relationship is really hot – we have a wonderful relationship. He is really hands-on with my projects, You know what I mean? He is very intimate about it, a really cool friend, it is really nice.”

“I wanted to do something more dramatic than a regular music video. I’m a huge fan of Court TV and ‘Forensic Files.’ Then I like the show ‘Snapped.’ By no means do I mean to murder your significant other.”

“I would take all the guys I know and make them get waxed…to show them what it feels like.”

“A lot of the times people say, you have to have the big voice and you have to have these types of records but you have the spection where your kind of just whispering and your kind of just melodically doing things. I try to keep my line right in the middle.”